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Transformational Breath® is an integrative form of breathwork. Dr. Judith Kravitz created it in the late '70s. The technique is designed to work on all levels of your being: physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual. This approach has allowed it to grow into a rich system that encompasses much more than just conscious breathing. Practitioners of Transformational Breath learn to work with sound, acupressure, and the body's positioning to allow the best flow of the Breath and obtain optimal results.

Over the years, science and research have caught up with what breathworkers have always known: an open, balanced breathing pattern using conscious, connected diaphragmatic breathing has a direct and immediate impact on physical, mental, and emotional health.

Transformational Breath® aims to empower people to use their Breath to live a joyful, stress-free life by helping them deal with life's challenges on a daily basis and helping people integrate past emotional trauma.

One of the realities we all deal with is the fact that life has ups, downs, and unexpected turns in the road. But once you have learned Transformation Breath®, it becomes a tool you can use to deal with all this, no matter where you are or what is happening. You need to know how to BREATHE yourself back to your optimal, grounded, and balanced self.

Ready to transform your life? There are three options:

Online Courses

This is ideal if you like to study and practice in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Breath Discovery Camp is the best way to get started with creating your personal breathing practice and self-facilitated sessions.

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In Person Events

You can select from an introductory weekend event or the Transformational Breath® Seminar.

An immersive 6 day experience where you will join a group led by a Certified Trainer.

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Sessions With A Facilitator

This is a wonderful way to get started. You can look at our directory of Certified Facilitators to find someone in your area.

One on one sessions are offered in person and online. 

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How does Transformational Breath® work?

There are many resources we use during a session.

Breathing Analysis  we do this to understand how you breathe. We each have a unique breathing pattern. This pattern was created by your life experiences and it tells a lot about how you deal with life. 

Positioning  once we identify your breathing pattern we help you find the ideal position for you to breathe in.  This will make it easier for you to work on opening and balancing your breathing pattern.

Conscious Breathing we will teach you how to focus on breathing with your diaphragm, in a circular way. This means with no pauses between the inhale and the exhale. 

Acupressure we will use hands on technique to help relax tension in your muscles. It will also help make sure you only use the right muscles when breathing.

Affirmations we always work with intention. We will use affirmations to help open your breath and to promote emotional integration.

Sound & Movement also help promote an open, connected breathing pattern, activate the breath and integrate emotions.


Judith Kravitz

We need to breathe to stay alive, and we need to breathe well to feel alive.

Dr. Judith Kravitz


Dr. Judith Kravitz is the creator of Transformational Breath®. A true pioneer in Breathwork! She has been teaching conscious, integrative Breathwork for the past 45 years. Her courses are currently taught in 53 countries in 12 different languages.

“Transformational Breath has changed my life. When faced with life's challenges, I can manage my emotions and thoughts by simply practicing for 5 to 10 minutes. It soothes and nurtures my body, mind, and spirit.”


Beatrice Sperring

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