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The Transformational Breath Foundation is committed to offering the highest standards in training both live and online.

Whether you are a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, a Group Leader, Trainer or you have never had a Transformational Breath® Session you will find content that will suit your needs.

We believe the Breath finds you when you are ready and takes you as far as you are ready to go.

Our online trainings have been designed and crafted with that philosophy in mind. Feel free to explore and jump in anywhere you feel comfortable.

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In this page you will be able to find exclusive content such as:

  • Guided breathing meditations
  • Breathing Exercises that will help you in your daily practice
  • Previews and exclusive discounts on upcoming live and online events.

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The Transformational Breath Online Academy Master Class Series

Class 1



Are there laws that transcend the physical dimension? If we believe our senses, it looks like the world is in an economic crisis. However, is this the true reality?

 In this class we will learn how to go beyond the 3rd dimension experience and work at the level of Cause; the level where all creation occurs.

Are you ready to learn and experience?

  • The Universal Laws of Manifestation
  • The Key to the Law of Attraction
  • How to tap into the unlimited source energy
  • How you can expand abundance in every area of your life
  • Effective daily practices that will allow you to embody your true abundance

Join our 1st Master Class Program 

With Judith Kravitz, Dr. of Metaphysics


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