Integrative Breathing is the most powerful tool you have if you want to a live a balanced and fulfilling life.

Your Breath will help you overcome any challenge that comes your way.


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 Are you facing  anxiety and uncertainty about moving forward with your life?

Are you ready to change your life by simply changing how you breathe? Here’s the truth BREATHING is the most powerful resource you have to improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

There is tons of research on the importance of breathing properly and its benefits. Yet, no one teaches us to breathe correctly. We intuitively use our breath to control our emotions. Everyone has been told to “just breathe” or “take a deep breath” when they are upset. You KNOW it helps. But this is just skimming the surface. Transformational Breath® has the potential to improve your life significantly.

Our goal is to EMPOWER you, to give you back control over your emotions, feelings, and health. When you understand how you can tap into your full potential and face any situation by just breathing consciously, you will want to share this with everyone!

People who take the course often say, “They should teach this at school! If we learned this since we were little, it would make a HUGE difference in our lives and the world!"

I hope you are as excited as we are to get started. We always feel honored and humbled when we get to be part of your life journey and share the breath with you. 

Confidently face any challenge and navigate life with ease & grace.


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In this video Dr. Judith Kravitz, the creator of Transformational Breath® explains the importance and benefits of integrative breathing.
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Dr. Judith Kravitz


Sharing the Breath and helping people improve their lives is my life mission.

I created this course to make Transformational Breath® accessible and affordable to everyone.

I have been teaching Transformational Breath® for over 45 years. We currently teach in 53 countries and 12 different languages. There are thousands of Certified Transformational Breath Facilitators around the world helping people and changing lives.

However, up until last year, the only way to learn how to do it on your own was to attend an event in person. This meant people had to cover the cost of the training and travel and take time away from work.

With Breath Discovery Camp, you can learn at your own pace and start enjoying the benefits of Transformational Breath® immediately and from the comfort of your own home.

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Key takeaways from the course:

Identify your breathing pattern and what it means.

Change your breath & improve your physical & mental health.

Master the dynamics and benefits of breathing consciously.

Reconnect with your inner guidance and spirituality.

Create a consistent breathing practice.

Join a global community of conscious breathers!

"This feels utterly extraordinary - I feel as though I am vibrating in every part of my body but especially my chest area, back, shoulders, arms, and solar plexus. It's taking me a while to come back to physical "normalcy." It's as though I am on fire -- but a fire of light."

Winslow Eliot

Breath Discovery Camp Student

Relationship With Your Breath

Understanding the basic principles of breathing correctly.

Living In The Flow.

How an open and connected breathing pattern can help everything in your life flow better.

Emotional Integration

Healing past trauma with integrative breathing.

Breathing & Sound

Working with sound, toning, movement and healing frequencies.

BodyMind Point & Affirmations

Body mapping to promote an open and balanced breath.

Accessing The Spiritual Level

Working with intentions & invocations. The Power in our words.

Fun With Breathing

Six guided breathing exercises to quickly change your state.

Breathing For Practical Applications

Nine breathing exercises to help you in moments of crisis.

Areas Of Integration

How integration can manifest in a session and how to handle it.

Bonus Content

6 extra full guided sessions & next steps.

Breath Discovery Camp

Breath Discovery Camp is a step-by-step Conscious Breathing Course for people who want to feel energized, peaceful, joyful, focused, and motivated.

It is perfect for dealing with anxiety, stress, and uncertainty about moving forward in life.

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Breath Discovery Camp



  • 10 Week Course
  • Printable Infographics 
  • 6 Full Guided Sessions
  • 21 Guided Breathing Exercises
  • Journal
  • Breathe Deep Laugh Loudly eBook
  • Private Online Community

Laura Altamira

Transformational Breath Trainer

Life is a journey, conscious breathing is my compass and constant companion.

I am a knowledge seeker by nature. I want to learn and understand everything I come across. When I face a problem, I do research. When I have health issues, I see a doctor. A few years ago, I started dealing with a multitude of unexplained physical symptoms. Eventually, I was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety. It was a horrible time in my life, but it led to me finally embracing Transformational Breath® after years of being on the sidelines. My life changed. Taking control of my breath allowed me to regain my confidence, optimism, and joy for living.

I am ready!

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