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The Best Way to Master Transformational Breath® and Build a Successful Professional Practice. Even if you have been in the business for years!


We know that you think it might take you years to reach the level of proficiency in your facilitation that you see in Dr. Judith Kravitz, Eugenia Altamira, and some of the other Senior Trainers.

The reality is that if you follow the traditional path, it will take you many years of practice. As you know, each client and each session is unique. So, there is an unlimited number of times you may have questions or doubt yourself during a sesión.

It is not your fault if you sometimes doubt yourself. A lot of times, you may not know who to ask for help or guidance. Or maybe you feel that you are the exception to the rule and everyone else already knows this. Trust me; this is not the case! Something else that can happen is that there is too much time between the steps of your training and you don’t always have access to a mentor.  

All of these challenges are present, in some way, at all levels, from interns to Senior Trainers.

However, it no longer has to be this way. For the first time, Dr. Judith Kravitz and Eugenia Altamira have created an advanced training where they will share with you the insights, knowledge, and secrets that have taken them years to master.

Other courses have time constraints for teaching. Or perhaps you are unable to attend due to cost, distance, or time availability. This course works because we have created a format that will deliver all of the content and knowledge to you in easy-to-learn and master modules. You will be able to ask all the questions you want, and you will benefit from the questions others ask. Plus, we will have real case studies to review together!

This course is for you if you want to become a Transformational Breath® Facilitator or Trainer that has mastered all aspects of the technique, and if you also want to expertly handle all the human interactions that are the foundation of our work.

If you want to build a successful practice and have a career that allows you to  experience fulfillment and manifest your dreams, then this course is for you.

I don't need to know anything else, I am ready to join!

The  dynamic duo behind everything you will learn!

Dr. Judith Kravitz is the creator of Transformational Breath and a visionary. When she started sharing her work 45 years ago, she decided to keep the technique open and allow it to grow and expand. Her decision made it possible for Transformational Breath® to thrive and expand into the most effective and complete form of Breathwork available today. 

Thirteen years ago, Judith met Eugenia Altamira; for Eugenia, who trained as a psychologist, Transformational Breath was love at first sight or first breath! Judi and Eugenia immediately formed a close friendship and became a powerful working team. 

Before joining the Foundation as Curriculum Coordinator, Eugenia already had eight years of experience teaching and creating curriculums at University Levels.

Continuous Education Program

Have you ever felt like there is more you can learn about Transformational Breath®? Advanced facilitation techniques, advanced breathing analysis, how to best care for your clients and yourself, how to build a thriving professional practice, have specific strategies to work with over 25 specialty groups, and understand how Breathwork fits into the body of Cognitive Therapy? If you have, this program is for you!

We designed this course for Transformational Breath Facilitators and Trainers that want to grow and strengthen all aspects of their professional practice.

It will allow Facilitator Interns, Certified Facilitators, Group Leaders, and Trainers to expand their knowledge and skills.

You could think of this as attending a Postgraduate Course. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the first generation to ever attend this training  with Judith and Eugenia!

Modules will be delivered monthly. In each module, you will learn a specific technique or aspect of the work. In each module, we will break down the knowledge and techniques into easy-to-follow steps that you can master and implement on your own.

The Continuous Education Program will allow you to grow your professional practice with confidence and the certainty that you will provide your clients the best service. You will also have all the tools you need to care for yourself, grow your career, and build the life you want.


I am ready to level up!

Level Up your facilitation technique by learning directly from the experts. Dr. Judith Kravitz and Eugenia Altamira will share with you the unique skills that normally take years to develop on your own. 

Expand your knowledge of all aspects of Transformational Breath®. We will cover every aspect a professional needs to consider to build a thriving professional practice.

Every month you will be working live with Dr. Judith Kravitz & Eugenia Altamira, in these calls, we will discuss the content, answer your questions and review the case studies presented during the month.

Let's take a look at the content!

Monthly Membership


Every Monthly Module Includes:

  • Video Lessons.
  • Printable Manual.
  • Workbook.
  • Downloadable study guides for you.
  • Downloadable handouts for your clients.
  • Case Studies for you to practice.
  • Review of your case studies.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Monthly Online Masterclass.
  • Coaching and feedback with Dr. Kravitz and Eugenia Altamira.

Yearly Membership


Get everything included in the monthly membership PLUS two months free!

  • Video Lessons.
  • Printable Manual.
  • Workbook.
  • Downloadable study guides for you.
  • Downloadable handouts for your clients.
  • Case Studies for you to practice.
  • Review of your case studies.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • Monthly Online Masterclass.
  • Coaching and feedback with Dr. Kravitz and Eugenia Altamira.

"I would like to express the importance of enrolling in the continuing education program offered by Transformational Breath®.  Before I go into the reasoning, I would like to share my deep gratitude and express the value and fulfillment that the breath gives me.  As a child, this was a tool that helped me process, express, grow, integrate, stay healthy, and so much more.   The properties of this particular modality, and breath in general, are substantial.  The diversity of the spectrum of how it can positively help someone is very wide.  As I grew older, I went to college and then explored different work fields but always had this deep knowing that I would eventually return to breath as a practitioner.  I receive light as a facilitator and as a breather.  To be in a profession that allows me to help people on a daily basis has given me much purpose in this life, a purpose that is bigger than who I am.  I have fully surrendered to the breath and will continue to learn and master this work for the continuation of my life.  I know many of you share this vision, and the continuous education program will support you in this. 

As I expressed earlier, growing up in life, I was very fortunate to have a parent who was a breath practitioner, Judith Kravitz.  As a practitioner now, I have had this incredible resource to guide me in anything that may need clarity.  Very few of us are lucky enough to be in this circumstance to have this resource, but this is something you can and will have when you join the continuing education program. There will be monthly meetings where you will interact with Judith and other highly skilled Senior Trainers. 

Besides having this continuous-interactive-opportunity to work with Judith and others, you will also master new advanced techniques and theories.  You will elevate your game, expand your knowledge, and have this undeniable feeling of confidence in your ability to be a Transformational Breath practitioner.  This confidence will translate into the quality and ability to hold space, facilitate, lead groups, etc. 

You will stay up to date with current procedures and new advancements as they become present.  You will have this continuous connection with the breath-family-community.  I don’t know about you, but I feel we all could use a little more community in our lives, especially under the world's circumstances. 

You will receive an advanced certification status of being a part of the master class. You will also receive exclusive content that will only be shared during this curriculum. 

If you are not convinced yet, then let the low price be incentive enough to join!  For less than a dollar a day you can be a part of this.  This is a great deal, period.

Finally, I would like to finish by saying that breath has given me deep purpose for my time here this lifetime.  I cannot fully express my gratitude for doing the work I do.  When I am not working, I feel like something is missing in my life, and after I facilitate a session, I quickly come to the realization; “oh yeah, this is why I love my work, my life.”  I will continue this work in my most extraordinary capacity for as long as I am here.  This Continuous Education Program is not about me but about my clients.  I owe it to them to be the best practitioner I possibly can, and this program will support me and you in that. 

Thank you for your time and hope to see you in class.

Many blessings!"

Abe Taliaferro

Certified Transformational Breath Trainer

Let's talk about the bottom line.

What happens if you do not join now?

Because a big part of this training is the live interaction and direct access to Judi and Eugenia and our deep commitment to providing you with the best training available, we will only open registration for a limited amount of time.

Registration will open on April 17th and close on April 30th. All the participants that join and complete all the modules will become the first generation to obtain a Certificate of Advanced Training in Transformational Breath®.

We do not know when registration for the next generation will open. It could be up to a year or more if Judi and Eugenia start traveling again to live events.

Continuous Education Program

Best value offer, pay for the membership yearly and get TWO MONTHS FREE.


Video Lessons.

Printable Manual.


Downloadable study guides for you.

Downloadable handouts for your clients.

Case Studies for you to practice.

Review of your case studies.

Private Facebook Group.

Monthly Online Masterclass.

Coaching and feedback with Dr. Kravitz and Eugenia Altamira.

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